Free SEO Add-Ons for Chrome You Need to Know About

Free SEO Add-Ons for Chrome

We often find ourselves engaged in repetitive SEO work involving keywords and search queries, which can be draining. The essential task of research can become tiresome, making it easy to lose focus and energy. However, it remains a necessary part of our work. You can also visit here Now: businesswalk

Luckily, innovative developers have come up with various SEO tools designed specifically for Google Chrome. When used effectively, these tools significantly reduce the workload for SEO specialists, enabling them to refine their keywords and create compelling content.

Which free SEO add-ons should Chrome users consider? 

The question that arises is: which SEO Add-Ons are truly worth using in Chrome? Not all the available apps in the market provide the accuracy and scope that marketers require. However, the following extensions greatly enhance Chrome’s functionality.


Developed by the SEO experts at Moz, MozBar is a powerful toolbar designed for Chrome. It goes beyond the functionality of a regular toolbar. With this extension, you can input any website and extract data on its backlinks and website authority. This feature proves extremely useful when comparing the performance of your assets against the competition.

The extension allows you to instantly access metadata hidden behind a page, providing you with intimate details about websites. Furthermore, the data can be exported in CSV format, making it easy to integrate with other marketing applications. Overall, MozBar is an essential tool for SEO specialists.


Another renowned name in the marketing world, BuzzSumo has introduced a must-have Chrome extension. Rather than analyzing the authority or structure of websites, BuzzSumo focuses on social media performance.

With this extension, you can quickly observe how content spreads across various social media channels. A single click allows you to gauge the number of retweets or Facebook likes a particular text has garnered. You can also identify the individuals engaging with the content and gain insights into what is working and what isn’t.

Keywords Everywhere 

If you aim to conduct efficient and accurate keyword research, Keywords Everywhere is an indispensable extension. Simply enter your target keywords and queries, and the app provides data on cost-per-click, monthly search volumes, and more. This tool proves especially handy for marketers reliant on AdWords, as it offers access to cost-effective keywords that get the job done. Additionally, it facilitates the quick creation of Amazon SEO content by suggesting the right keywords for each product description.

Redirect Path 

Poor site architecture often leads to SEO indexing issues and disappointing search rankings when search engine crawlers report back to Google HQ. Website designers and marketers frequently encounter such problems.

Redirect Path serves as a valuable insurance policy against SEO mistakes. Operating to the grammar checker in Word, Redirect Path promptly alerts site designers to error codes such as 302, 404, or 500. It identifies JavaScript redirect problems and helps rectify flawed code to ensure smooth crawling by SEO bots.

Google Trends 

Lastly, we must mention Google’s own Trends extension. You are likely familiar with the concept of Google Trends and may already use it regularly to stay updated on market trends and analyze developments. However, fewer people have installed Google’s Chrome extension for Trends.

Installing the Trends Chrome add-on is highly recommended. It is one of the most polished SEO extensions available, allowing you to quickly analyze which terms to use for different content pieces without the need to visit external websites or use standalone applications.

Maximizing the benefits of SEO add-ons Each of these Chrome extensions brings a unique feature to the table, and it is advisable to install a variety of them to ensure you have the set of tools.

With BuzzSumo’s extension, you can effortlessly monitor social media performance in real-time. It is a quick, easy, and effective way to incorporate comprehensive SEO analysis into your content auditing process.

Having MozBar, Keywords Everywhere, and Trends extensions on your Chrome browser empowers you to rapidly plan and strategize your content by pinpointing the most promising keywords. Furthermore, you can delve into your existing content to gain a deeper understanding of what is working and what isn’t.

The key is to Chrome SEO add-ons in combination, replacing external applications with these add-ons to save time and enhance your overall operations. So, feel free to experiment, try different combinations, and discover the blend that works best for you.

Combine browser tools with high-quality content creation 

Regardless of your SEO requirements, these extensions can help level the playing field, enabling individuals and small businesses to harness the capabilities enjoyed by marketing giants. Let’s debunk the myth that SEO performance is biased towards large corporations, leaving smaller players at a disadvantage. The world of search engine optimization offers opportunities for business of all sizes to succeed

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