Prepare to be captivated as we reveal the dazzling sights in JAPAN that adorn the country’s skies, enthralling inhabitants and visitors. Japan’s most famous fireworks celebrations symbolize a blend of tradition, artistry, and simply awe-inspiring beauty, from the trademark blasts of color to the synchronized dancing. You can also visit Business Walk for more information.

Miyajima Fireworks Festival

Every year in late August, the Miyajima Fireworks Festival is conducted off the shore of Miyajima. The unique location adds an indescribable enchantment to the performance for fireworks enthusiasts. Enjoy a stunning view of approximately 5,000 brilliant fireworks reflecting off the lake as the Torii gate stands amid the booms. The show lasts around one hour. The display may be seen along the seashore, although it will be crowded. It is preferable to reserve a nearby hotel in advance if you want to see a new scene or film a panoramic light show from the mainland of Hatsukaichi or Hiroshima. Miyajima is also a well-known cultural destination for its old architecture and tranquility, among its many attractions.

Sumidagawa River Fireworks Festival

The Sumidagawa River Fireworks Festival has been running for 290 years, beginning in 1733. The ancient festival is one of Japan’s most stunning fireworks displays. Approximately 20,000 spectacular fireworks in Japan manufactured by professional, trained artists will dazzle the night skies along the Sumida River throughout the spectacle. The lit Tokyo Skytree, one of Japan’s most recognizable monuments, is stunning along the Sumida River. The location will be crowded by then, so get there as soon as possible. After the show, you may wander through Asakusa’s streets and Sensoji Temple, sampling outstanding street cuisine. The Sumidagawa River Fireworks Festival may be a fantastic feature of your July trip to Tokyo and a unique opportunity to see the city’s culture.

Edogawa Fireworks Festival

Another noteworthy event in Tokyo is the Edogawa Fireworks Festival. Every year on the first Saturday of August, the event is held on the banks of the Edogawa River. There are over 14000 magnificent fireworks, each with unique, gorgeous patterns that dazzle tourists. The opening scene begins with 1,000 pyrotechnics blasted in 5 seconds straight. The celebration has eight distinct themes, each with its own set of background music. You can see the Tokyo skyline against a backdrop of tremendously bright light. The fireworks display provides an excellent opportunity to capture an unforgettable image for your screen saver.

Kamakura Fireworks Festival

Fireworks launched from the ground are beautiful, but those found from the sea may be much more spectacular. The fireworks show in Kamakura, Kanagawa Prefecture, has a distinct attraction with a gorgeous coastal background and a generally peaceful ambiance while being smaller than other fireworks festivals hosted in other towns in Japan. In mid-July 2023, it will be held on Yuigahama Beach. The show lasts over an hour and features 4000 pyrotechnics of various patterns and sizes. The “underwater fireworks” that explode like flowers in full bloom in the water are a fascinating display feature. It’s a pleasant experience to explore Kamakura’s historical landmarks, like several world-famous temples and shrines, and soak in the summer wind at the beach throughout the day before the fireworks show.

Lake Suwa Fireworks Festival

The Lake Suwa Fireworks Festival occurred in 1949, some years after Japan’s surrender in WWII. The festival is conducted to help individuals heal after a profound feeling of loss. It is celebrated annually in mid-August with a vast show of 40,000 fireworks. Niagara and the Kiss of Fire are two spectacular fireworks displays. Niagara Falls is famous for its stunning fireworks displays spanning two kilometers blasted into the air. Underwater fireworks are let off at the surface of The Kiss of Fire. As the massive fireworks explode in the sky, the lake’s surface may behave as a mirror, like big, colorful flowers blossoming on the lake. If you’ve seen the popular Japanese anime film Your Name, you could feel like you’re in the movie. Lake Suwa Fireworks Festival may provide an experience unlike any other.

Yodo River Fireworks Festival

The festival, known as Naniwa Yodogawa Fireworks, has become one of Osaka’s most meaningful events. It is reported to have been started in 1989 by local volunteers and has a 30-year history. This magnificent summer event exceeded expectations among Kansai residents and Osaka visitors. Every year on the first Saturday of August, the vast exhibition attracts around 500,000 people. A salvo of astonishingly beautiful pyrotechnics manufactured by experienced craftsmen that dazzle the dark skies will surprise you. The performance takes place on the banks of the Yodo River. The skyline of the vast majority of the building beneath the display provides for an inventive shot that photographers like. Allowing for crowds, you should be at the display location well before 6 p.m.; front-row seats are available for a more excellent spectacular view. Moving residents dressed in Yukatas and sausage vendors also have something to offer.

Tsuchiura Fireworks Festival

The Tsuchiura Fireworks Festival, held in southern Ibaraki Prefecture, is considered a unique fireworks display in Japan. Despite being less well-known than FIREWORKS FESTIVALS in other cities, Tsuchiura Fireworks Display has been a top competition of history and tradition in Tsuchiura. Held on the fourth Saturday of October every year. Starmines, Size 10 shells, and unique displays are among the entries in the competition. The pyrotechnics, along with cutting-edge technology and stunning designs, are the focus of the nocturnal spectacle. Before seeing this impressive fireworks display, you may explore this little hamlet and stroll along the Sakuragawa River’s banks.

Nagaoka Fireworks Festival

The Nagaoka Fireworks Festival is another must-see event in Japan. It began in 1946 and is now hosted at Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture. The festival is seen as a symbol of the Niigata people’s recovery following the 2004 Niigata disaster, and it has previously been held to remember the disaster victims. Every year, almost one million viewers from all over the world attend the event because of the specific length of fireworks.

There will be various events as a special treat for viewers from August 2nd to 3rd. Fireworks shaped like waterfalls, chrysanthemums, and volcanoes fill the sky with vibrant colors, and thundering booms resonate in your chest. The grand conclusion to the show holds the most interest. Over 20,000 phoenix-shaped pyrotechnics, spanning over 2 km in length, color the skies. Because the riverbanks fill up rapidly for this event, it is best to come a few hours before the festivities begin to get a good viewing spot. Aside from a gigantic, spectacular fireworks display along the Shinano River’s banks, you may also watch moving shrine float parades and traditional dances in the surrounding town.

Kumano Fireworks Festival(JAPAN)

The Kumano Fireworks Festival, which dates back to roughly 1723, has become a somewhat anticipated summer event by the town and viewers from across the world. The magnificent fireworks show in the Kumano-nada Sea is the festival’s centerpiece. Every year on August 17, hundreds of people go to the Kumano-nada coastline. The marine performance employs over 10,000 self-exploding Onigajo pyrotechnics. The show’s highlights include the pyrotechnic fireworks discharged from the two ships into the night sky with spectacular forms and magnificent colors, as well as a thrilling booming sound. The surreal ocean serves as a perfect background for the vibrantly colored pyrotechnics, making the presentation a one-of-a-kind attraction. You may enjoy this two-hour spectacular performance from Shichirigahama Beach.

Omagari Fireworks Festival

Since 1910, the festival has gathered visitors from Japan and worldwide to Daisen, Akita Prefecture, along the Omono River. The event has no set date. However, it usually takes place in late August. The noon and evening fireworks displays at the Omagari Fireworks Festival are well-known. The festival’s centerpiece is the nighttime fireworks display. The sky over Daisen is ablaze with a stunning fireworks show that will take you by surprise


These vivid events provide a one-of-a-kind peek into Japan’s rich cultural past as well as the artistry of pyrotechnics. Each event features a magnificent display of colors and patterns, from the grandeur of the Sumidagawa Fireworks event to the delightful ambiance of OmagariHanabi.

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